About GoGeekGirl (or should I say why I am doing this)

Almost two years ago I took the first steps of building my own online presence beyond being a Contributing Editor for Metal Life Magazine. That first foray was a MetalLifeEva.com.  During that year it became apparent that the material I was publishing had less to do with music and more to do with comics, art, photography, various comic cons and writing.  The result of this observation was a new home for my presence on the web and thus GoGeekGirl was born.  This site is still in it’s early stages as I adjust to this new home so the look may change a bit as I build the foundation, but all the content you enjoyed previously on MetalLifeEva has been brought here to make it easier for you my readers to peruse.

Why am I doing this?  

My reasons have not changed much since the first days of MetalLifeEva but my focus has. My challenge to consider where I want to take my creative endeavors is still there, and the mentor that first challenged me has been one of my cheerleaders as I find my way. His challenge first took me to setting up a page on Facebook, www.facebook.com/GoGeekGirl but the limitations of that venue created another challenge, do more with a better tool which brought MetalLifeEva.com into being.  The move to GoGeekGirl was kept as a surprise from many, including my Mentor so it was with great pleasure that I first told him of this coming move and as before he was there with encouragement and congratulations knowing that this is the right next move in my growth.  Now to not disappoint him or any of you, that is the next challenge, well one of them, there are quite a few I will be setting for myself with this new home including more original content to display my own writing, as soon as I can find a few moments from building the foundation to sit down and write.

This allows me to continue to share those creative endeavors that don’t fit in with Metal Life Magazine where I have been contributing content for the past couple years.  Don’t worry that won’t stop, but this will expand what I write, the type of photography I share and the topics I might tackle personally. Here I will be free to share my words, my thoughts or just the things seen through my eyes. Since my tastes are eclectic some may fit with the world of metal while others may seem to be at odds with one that enjoys metal. Hopefully you will find something that you enjoy or that challenges you to re-evaluate how you look at the world.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I first launched the site.  It has been a challenge, an education, a passion and a dream come true.  My passion for it has not diminished, if anything the connections I have made over the year as I strived for new content have made it grow.  New challenges have been presented and this site already being up and running will make it easier to tackle those and continue to grow as a writer and photographer.  I hope you enjoy what I am doing and subscribe to MetalLifeEva through the option in the menu on the left.

Who am I?

I’m a writer, photographer, dreamer, devil’s advocate and general contributor for Metal Life Magazine and now the proud owner of this brand spanking new site of my own.

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