Glimpses of California Along the PCH

Recently I took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and guess what… it is as beautiful as you may have heard.  There are so many opportunities to stop and take in the coastline you could spend way more time doing the drive up the coast than I did.  Better yet, if you pay attention you can see moments of magic that we normally miss in our everyday hectic lives. A seagull fight. Elephant Seals in the surf. A squirrel (or related critter). Cattle and Zebras grazing together. Unbelievably clear waters that you could easily mistake as waters in the Caribbean or Hawaii. Fog rolling in, fog rolling out, sometimes changing the view in mere moments.

Here are just a few of the sights I enjoyed on the drive up the coast.  There will be more to come later, but since there were a few of my favorite moments in this batch I couldn’t resist sharing a bit of the PCH with you now.

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