The Grandeur of Redwoods in Photos

During my recent trip up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) I took a hike in Big Basin Redwood State Park.  If you have never walked among majestic redwoods you should find time to do so. There is a tranquility. An energy that recharges the soul. The air is clearer and from what one of the park workers shared, it is more oxygenated in a forest but in a Redwood Grove there is something more, some compound the Redwood trees give off that make one feel even better when walking among the trees. I wished then and I still wish now, that I could have bottled that air to bring home with me and enjoy whenever I needed a reminder of just how clean and refreshing it was.

There were trees, that though scarred by fires were still growing. Trees that had come crashing down only to be sprouting new growth. Families of trees growing in a circle, which was amazing to stand in the center. There were trees that had “caves” that people could crawl into, letting one imagine somebody having to take shelter within such a “cave”.

Rather than go on and on (which I have when talking with friends) about how wonderful it was to walk among these magnificent trees why don’t I just let you take a look at the photos so you can imagine yourself there.

By the way, some of these trees can be over 2000 years old as is demonstrated by the slice that is at the beginning of these photos. That tree was over 2200 years old when it came down. Which brings the question to mind… If a tree crashes in the forest and nobody is around, does it make a sound? I think one this big definitely would have made a resounding sound when it came crashing down.

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    • Thank you, believe it or not they don’t do that grove justice. You need to be able to smell the air and just feel the peace and tranquility that surrounded me even with other hikers around. It was magical

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