#SDCC Thursday highlights thus far

Even Petco park becomes part of SDCC (more and more each year)

Even Petco park becomes part of SDCC (more and more each year)

Thursday, the first full day of SDCC has thus far been filled with some amazing moments layered on top of one unfortunate moment that sadly has resulted in mind over injury as I refuse to miss Con. But first the amazing…

Started with a photo shoot of a bat-mobile inspired F-150 truck (more about that when I can process the images)

From there it was on to the convention center and this time managed to catch Jim Balent and chat with him for a bit. Always a highlight for me at SDCC as this is the only time I see him and Holly. Was great catching up and so much has gone on since last year that it really didn’t hit me how much until we started talking about it all. He’s such a ‘real’person which makes me just love being able to have these conversations with him.

After hanging out with him for a bit it was one to get a move on as commitments were approaching but first a short meeting up in the Sails Pavilion to coordinate the various commitments and schedules.

Then it’s back down to the exhibit floor and on to Top Cow to say hi to the gang and to Ron Marz who I haven’t seen since SDCC12. This turned out to be perfect timing as somebody else I needed to connect with was there, Paul Jenkins. Loved that he remembered the name from a couple tweet exchanges. (Watch for more regarding meeting Paul in a future piece as we did a sitting turned walking interview. Sadly we kept getting shooed on from any place we tried to stop. But it’s all good, and lots of good material from that conversation)

Oops almost forgot a very interesting panel, Editing The Boom! Comics Way (more on this later too)

Another visit back down to Top Cow, this time with the intent to say hi to Bridget Silvestri oh and Marc too. Hung out for awhile with Bridget with interruptions to take shots of people at Top Cow or Lady Loki and AgentM at the Marvel Live space. (Conveniently right by the Top Cow booth)

And then the fun really begins Wolverine and Witchblade cosplayers that really drew attention over at Top Cow. (Yes there will be photos) stayed there as long as I could talking to various people.

And again it was time to be away as I wanted to pop by Adrian Paul’s signing just to say hi. Another of those really nice people.

Wow this has been a busier day than I realized when I started typing away and believe it or not there is more. But it’s getting chilly out and I need to run for a bit so we’ll cover the evening highlights once the night is done.

Oh and … The one bad? Twisting my ankle at that photo shoot first thing this morning so with all the running around am hurting more as the day progresses. But no pesky injury will keep me from SDCC

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Chatted with Mike about the possibility of my going in 2014 and him not scheduling say another graduation or some such that week.

    As for the ankle ice and elevate tonight, ice and elevate. Maybe even brace it with a drugstore brace? Heck, who knows maybe an electric wheelchair would make SDCC easier? Nah, doesn’t maneuver well in dense crowds.

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