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sdcc13-topcow-thurs-011So what did I not cover about Thursday when I did my Thursday Highlights or even my Thursday night highlights.  It was a crazy day, with some definitely amazing moments.  I’m still deciding whether the conversation with Jim Balent or with Paul Jenkins were my favorite.  I know that Top Cow is one of my favorite booths to stop at, and this year the added bonus of unexpectedly connecting with Paul Jenkins when I stopped there was a definite bonus.  We had connected on Twitter the other month and had wanted to talk further regarding his move to be exclusive with Boom! Studios.  So that’s my teaser of the future piece that will be coming for you all.  He’s definitely an interesting person to chat with and I had the pleasure of listening to him speaking both during the Editing Comics the Boom! Studios Way panel, as well as with another fan following the panel.  It is always wonderful to listen to positive, encouraging, energized conversations.  And Jenkins is definitely somebody that wants people and companies to succeed.

I definitely spent a good bit of time around the Top Cow booth, which with it’s convenient location let me observe the insanity that goes on at the Marvel booth as well as to catch various cosplayers and even a few friends.

The original plan for Thursday night would have had me at the eOne Haven party, but a twisted ankle plus a full day of running around on it made it an impossibility.  So plans were quickly shifted so that after dinner with Terry of Metal Life Magazine I headed over to The Blank Page Project, the turn out was great.  The art (check out the photos below), on the Blank Page which will be auctioned off to benefit The Hero Initiative, was amazing (and I left before it was finished).  Everybody seemed to be having a wonderful time as various artists contributed their talent on the huge page. It was great being able to stop and say hi to Jimmy Palmiotti, one of the hosts, as well as a few others that I knew at the event.

Was amusing to leave the event to head back to The Fox Grill, the restaurant I had just had dinner at, but this time to go there with Rahsan and Shannon Ekedal.  We had been trying for months to get together and just spend sometime together.  And finally everything aligned so we could, even for a short time.  Had to keep from cracking up when the waitress was taking our orders and when it came my turn and had to say, I was just here for dinner so I’ll stick with the water.  At least it wasn’t the same waiter as had taken care of our table when I was there a little earlier.  Some of the conversation revolved around the main topic of my meeting with Jenkins earlier in the day.

Last stop for the day was also at the Hilton Bayfront, the Boom! Drink Up.  Sadly I was to tired and in to much pain from the twisted ankle to enjoy staying for the fun beyond the main purpose of my trip to this event, finding and meeting Filip Sablik.  Another industry person I had been tweeting with the past few months and wished to finally meet in person.  Have you ever considered how hard it might be to find somebody at a party that you have never met in person before?  I got lucky in that through observation and twitter avatars I was able to come up with a likely individual, and on my first try got it right.  So after a very short conversation and exchange of cards my missions for the day had been accomplished.

There were people and panels that were missed, but there is only so much one person can accomplish. And even less when slowed down by an unfortunate twist of the foot.  Am I sad I missed the Haven party, of course.  But I would be even sadder if I missed out on any days of SDCC by having pushed myself even harder than I already had that day.

Hope you enjoy these photos from the day.


San Diego Comic Con 2013 - Photos from the Top Cow booth on Thursday 7-18-2013


San Diego Comic Con 2013 - Random Photos from around the Con on Thursday 7-18-2013

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