SDCC14: Thursday of San Diego Comic-Con 2014 the Photo Version

SDCC14 - Thursday San Diego Comic-Con - The Walking Dead - CosplayThursday of San Diego Comic-Con 2014 the Photo Version

So many sights, so many sounds, sadly so many smells too from Thursday of San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (SDCC14), that my mind has drawn a blank on replaying parts of the day.

There were many wonderful moments of seeing friends not seen in weeks, months or even since SDCC13.  But that is the way it goes with friends from a far that you only see at various Comic-Cons. There were also the moments of meeting new friends which is the way of Comic-Con if you allow it to be.

There were the moments that should have been, but ended up not being, an interview that did not happen for mysterious reasons.  The moments that are not expected that do happen, talking with people you don’t know about shared interests whether that would be what the impact of the new Doctor will be on the younger demographic that may have been drawn into the show through the more recent incarnations of the Doctor being younger attractive actors.  Or a more serious conversation about harassment of cosplayers, people being unable to draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate behavior and comments.

Enjoying watching artists talking and sketching for fans. Always amazes me watching them create a work of art from a blank page, especially those that manage to carry on conversations with their fans as they do so.

Chatting with artists that have become friends through the years.  Ones that though I may only see once or if I am lucky twice a year, we manage to keep touch online so when we do see each other after a year on opposite coasts it’s not awkward and while there is catching up to do it is not the kind of catching up where one has to say… so tell me what has been going on in your life the past year. It is more discussing things that each is already of aware of but now we are able to talk about in more detail.

It was a day of watching people enjoying being surrounded by the things they love. Of watching the people that will wait in line for hours in hopes of scoring that variant that is being released by one company or another at SDCC.  Of watching the crowds go wild at booths as one star/artist/writer or another arrives for the fans.

Sadly it is also a day where you are reminded that not everybody remembers the need for deodorant or brushing their teeth or worse yet changing that baby (hoping that was who it was) in a timely and more private space eww!  Yes I swear I smelled some soiled children in the crowds because if it was adults that is even worse.

With the exception of that last group it was a day of remember why, even with the heat and crowds, I love San Diego Comic-Con.

But I promised you a photo version of the day so on to the all important photos.

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