SDCC16 – Dark Matter – The Magic of Laughter

Sometimes it is less about what was discussed and more about reliving the fun that you witnessed. That’s what it was like today as I was going through the images from the Dark Matter panel from San Diego Comic-Con.

The panel took place on Thursday evening, and after a hot crazy day I decided to indulge by going to a panel for my own enjoyment rather than with any intent of covering the panel for you the readers. However, me being me, I can’t resist taking photos at a panel especially when it is a cast of a show I so enjoy and better yet, a cast that obviously enjoys each other beyond simply playing a role on screen. We had Jodelle Ferland (Five), Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), Melissa O’Neil (Two), Anthony Lemke (Three), Melanie Liburd (Nyx) and executive producer, Jay Firestone. The panel was moderated by Alan Fry and Teddy Wilson, ensuring there would be much hilarity from beginning to end.

They were having so much fun that just going through the photos today had me chuckling (and getting a few strange looks since I was doing this while drinking coffee at Starbucks). There were one or two shots that I didn’t even recall taking, like the one where Jodelle is laughing so hard it looks like she might fall off her chair. Or Alex reenacting a moment at the request of his cast members much to our delight. Melissa and Anthony weren’t lacking in the laughter department, I was surprised to not see tears running down the face with how hard they were cracking up at times.

But wait, what was the panel about? Does it really matter when they put out so much positive energy with the laughter?  Oh ok, give me a moment… there was the obvious discussion about their characters, portraying them in one season with no idea who they are or any memories of their past. And then portraying the same characters, now with memories and consequences beginning to be visited upon them. The question of whether they knew who the betrayer would be? And if not, did any of them wish it was going to be them. Even a confession by Alex that he wished it was him and why.

There was the outtakes reel that had everybody, fan and panel members, in stitches. One has to wonder if the panelist knew what was going to be in that reel or if it was as much a surprise for them as for the fans.

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun simply attending a panel. There are obviously many great panels at SDCC with fun cast, crew, professionals etc. But when you go to a panel after a long, hot, exhausting day and laugh so hard you are wiping tears from your eyes it is amazing. Add to that running into friends that were at the same Dark Matter panel without any of us knowing the others were there, and it is even better. Why? Because I know that when they read this and look through the photos they will be getting relive some of the same fun that I did and that it will bring smiles to their faces too. That is what makes taking photos at something like this even better.  Who knows, if they are lucky I will process the audio file and upload that later so all the laughs can be relived.

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