San Diego Comic-Con 2017 – Saturday So Many Sights to See – SDCC17

This San Diego Comic-Con 2017 SDCC17Saturday of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (SDCC17) was full of people and things to see. With the Masquerade scheduled for Saturday Night the brightest and best Cosplay comes out on Saturday every year. From Red Sonja to Star Wars to Harley Quinn to the cutest little Groot I have every seen.

Add to this two of my favorite panels each year take place on Saturday. This creates a wonderfully full day with more to see and do than any human, mutant or alien could ever manage to do in a day without the key to the TARDIS in their possession. 

There was the unexpected surprise of knowing people on the panel I hadn’t planned on attending. The panel? “Licensed! Overstreet Looks at Licensed Comics” Books such as Doctor Who and Star Trek may obviously be licensed properties. However a writer or artist working on a Marvel or DC title may run into the same issues they would if they working on an obviously licensed proprieties. These titles have continuity, have history, have looks and feels that the creative teams should maintain. It was an interesting and fun panel to sit through. Sometimes attending a panel you might not select normally can be very rewarding. I dare you! Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised to find you enjoyed the panel.

There was the insanity that is the Wynonna Earp signing. Once again I was not able to go through the signing lining myself. However, it was amazing being at the IDW Publishing book as the fans awaited the arrival of the team. This is a well written and acted show on SyFy with killer one liners and a dedicated fan base. But Wynonna Earp is not simply a television show, it is also a fun comic book published by IDW Publishing. Beau Smith brings the same humor to the book that the show brings to the television screen. If you haven’t guessed, yes I am part of the Wynonna Earp fan base.

Timing can be everything at a show of this size. Whether it is being at the right place at the right time to see a celebrity or win that signing wristband. It can also mean the difference between seeing some awesome cosplay interactions and missing it all. Regardless, when at SDCC the best thing to do, is simply enjoy yourself.

There were the moments of observing Marc Silvestri sketching, I love watching an artist create. At the end of it all… there are just to many moments to name them all. Instead why don’t we switch over to the photo version of the day.

Thank you to all the people who made the day so amazing, including Isaac Goodhart who decided to be a bit goofy for my camera.  

Oh and a word of advice… when leaving the show with a piece of art that you absolutely do not want to try to get through a crowd with, don’t leave the exhibit hall as it is closing when Hall H is also emptying. Good thing for a little nook I could sit in for 30 minutes while the crowd thinned to protect my Aquaman commission that I collected from the show that evening.

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