San Diego Comic-Con 2017 – Friday – From Pinball Machines to The Darkness

SDCC17 - Marvel - Black PantherFrom pinball machines at Nuclear Blast to The Darkness Anniversary signing at Top Cow, Friday of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 was full of wonderful moments. 

There was attending a panel to be supportive of a friend on her first panel that I ended up enjoying. This also led to the opportunity to finally meet Blake Northcott in person. The Diversity panel can be summed up in a few words from the panelists. We need panels like these at Comic-Con until we no longer need them. We need to work on diversity until the creative, management teams and characters in the books and movies truly represent the diversity within our society. The panelists did a great job making this point clear by sharing their personal experiences and observations. Once we no longer question why there aren’t more characters/creators/leaders of a specific ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc. we won’t need a Diversity panel. Until such a time we need to keep working on bringing true diversity to the industry. 

There were the wonderful “life size” Justice League figures at the DC booth. DC could you send the Wonder Woman and Aquaman ones to my home? I promise to take good care of them! There were the Justice League and Guardians of the Galaxy figures at the Sideshow booth that would also look wonderful in my home.  

Then there was The Darkness Anniversary signing at the Top Cow booth with Marc Silvestri, Ron Marz, Matt Hawkins and Tyler Kirkham. By the way, this is a beautiful book with many very talented writers and artists among it’s credits. I may have to bring this book to a few shows in an attempt to collect signatures of all these talented individuals. 

There were crowd shots,. Even one of Stan Lee in a Marvel booth shots. There were Legion M sightings. These sightings (and conversations) made me happy as I did not manage to attend of the Legion M events. There are just to many things to see and do in such a limited period of time. One of these years I will figure out a time machine so I can enjoy all the SDCC events. 

Friday was a bit less of a blur than the prior two days, but it still passed to quickly. Even with the insanity and pace, I loved every moment (that I can remember)!



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